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Regional ICT Academy

The delivery of a region wide student internship programme based on the extension of the UoA ICT Academy to include participation from students from all Auckland TEOs working collaboratively in multi-disciplinary teams. The extended model will be administered independently.
Accelerating Auckland & University of Auckland ICT Innovation Academy sponsors have established a heads of agreement comprising the following elements;

  • During 2007 Accelerating Auckland will take over the responsibility for the ICT Innovation Academy.
  • University of Auckland's role in developing the Academy will be acknowledged ongoing
  • UoA will make available the processes, contacts software and access to current people involved in the Academy
  • Accelerating Auckland intends to expand the ICT Academy under a shared services model to support other internship initiatives (e.g. Maori and Pacific & further TEOs)
  • Accelerating Auckland will assume responsibility for day to day operation of the Academy. UoA will continue as a significant partner through their involvement in the Accelerating Auckland Taskforce.

Timeline: December 2006 - December 2008