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About Accelerating Aotearoa

Accelerating Aotearoa is an independent and established charitable entity ( CC36186 ) with demonstrated, and measurable, successes since 2007.

We serve our community by:

  • Igniting learning passion with children, youth and adults through local digital and aligned skills,
  • Unlocking local potential through digital and traditional upskilling programmes,
  • Enhancing entrepreneurial mind sets through our fledgling Community Enterprises.

Our independent, collaborative and broad based approach to delivering outcomes for sectors and communities is unique. We deliver a range of initiatives that directly enhance outcomes for the underserved, by co-ordinating the aspirations and energies of Tertiaries, businesses, government organisations and communities.

Accelerating Aotearoa’s work focusses on:

  • Addressing the persistent inequalities affecting Māori and Pasifika at Otara.
  • Achieving positive outcomes for children, young people and their whanau to disrupt intergenerational disadvantage
  • Enabling community-led economic development
  • Conserving and enhancing our natural environment

Learn. Work. Life. Digital !

Introducing Accelerating Aotearoa