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Date: October 20, 2016

On the above date Accelerating Aotearoa held its 9th Annual General Meeting at its Southern premises located at 40a Lovegrove Crescent, Otara. Our thanks to all that attended. The AGM followed a Core Group Meeting that was held prior.

Following is the Chief Executive's Report to members at the AGM.

Date: October 18, 2016

Accelerating Aotearoa Chief Executive Judy Speight speaks to the Manukau Courer.

THRIVING OTARA has been established to ensure a community wide approach to enable Otara to thrive.

Under the umbrella of ONAC (Otara Network Action Committee Charitable Trust) and with Accelerating Aotearoa, Otara Health, Roots Collective and Crosspower Ministries,  the THRIVING OTARA COLLECTIVE is supporting a COMMUNITY LED, OWNED AND DRIVEN approach to community engagement and participation.

The Otara Community's process to date has been a series of Hui to identify and agree a set of indicators for a Thriving Otara  which include

  • the development of A LOCAL ENTREPRENEURIAL culture

 Read the Article here......

Date: August 30, 2015

AGM Date: 27th August 2015

Accelerating Aotearoa held its 8th Annual General Meeting at Unitec's Mt Albert Campus at Carrington Rd. Our thanks to Unitec for hosting the AGM and the Core Group Meeting prior to that.

Following is the Chief Executive's Report to members at the AGM.

Date: April 15, 2015

Following a successful Mangere Park Jam on the Saturday, Auckland Libraries combined with Accelerating Aotearoa to hold some very successful Digital workshops for pupils from The Good Seed Trust and Robertson Road School.

Date: April 15, 2015

The future is digital and the people of Mangere are a bit more prepared after Park Jam 2015. This years event was held at the Mangere Town Centre on Saturday April 11th.

Date: February 12, 2015

“Once upon a time, geeks were made fun of, but now they rule the world with the creation of apps, software, entertainment, communication and a lot more. Geeks are in short supply and countries that invest in geeks have high standards of living. Perhaps the Greeks need more geeks!

To help develop more geeks right here, Auckland Libraries recently partnered with Accelerating Auckland in its mission to help young tech superstars discover their digital dreams.

The collaboration was kicked off this summer at Accelerating Auckland’s Geek Camps - free teen holiday programmes held at the Manukau Civic Building, without a tent, toasted marshmallow or long drop in sight. Perhaps one of these young Aucklanders will have learned the skills and grown the confidence to take their idea global and change the world!”

– Darryl Soljan, Manager Customer Experience - North & West Libraries

Date: February 08, 2015

Blogger Ben Ross posted this story on Talking Auckland - the site sharing commentary and conversations on all things Auckland.

Many thanks Ben for helping us get the news out there on this important work!

Date: February 03, 2015

Kids will be going back to school with the latest tech know-how thanks to a summer at "Geek Camp".

Accelerating Aotearoa has been running the two-day camps for kids from the Good Seed Trust's after school programme in Mangere and Weymouth School in Manurewa.

Date: October 01, 2014

Fuse, OMD's social media and content arm, together with Accelerating Aotearoa, have launched an experimental initiative to give young Aucklanders a taste of agency life and in return, give the agency an alternative view on using digital content to reach youth audiences.

Date: September 29, 2014

AGM Date: 25th September 2014

Accelerating Aotearoa held its 7th Annual General Meeting at New Zealand School of Education's Manukau Campus. Our thanks to NZSE for hosting the AGM and Core Group Meeting prior to that.

The following extract contains some of the highlights of the Chief Executive’s Report to members at the AGM.

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