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Flex Works Aotearoa

Flex Works Aotearoa is a national project to provide stakeholders (regional and central government, non-government organisations, employers, individual workers, unions, tertiary institutions, and broader society) with the tools and guidance to achieve flexible work outcomes.

Modelled on an initiative of the same name in Houston, Texas, the project’s primary objective is to ensure that all parties can harness the economic, environmental, workplace, social and family gains offered by flexible work, capitalising on New Zealand’s current legislative framework (which gives some workers the right to seek flexible work options) and the availability of digital tools that support flexi-work for many occupations.

Accelerating Aotearoa is well placed to unify stakeholders through the Flex Works Aotearoa project and achieve shared flexible work outcomes, namely:

  • improved worker satisfaction, productivity and retention
  • workplace efficiencies and economic benefits (for individual enterprises and the country generally
  • supporting under-served communities such as carers, people with chronic illnesses, and the disabled so they can participate in paid employment
  • reduced road congestion
  • environmental and transport infrastructure savings
  • accelerating uptake and use of digital tools to support remote and flexible work.

Flex Works Aotearoa Project Overview