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APEC WES "Peito" Project

Enabling social and economic transformation through agro-exporting

Under the auspices of the APEC Women’s Entrepreneurial Summit and at the invitation of the US Government, the “Peito”(Cookhouse) Project supports Women of the Pacific to grow new and digital skills and capabilities as the foundation for the social and economic transformation of the region.

Within the project, traditional agricultural practice is re-established alongside new locally owned and operated agribusinesses as the basis for improved local food supply, processing to add value, exporting and distribution.

Food processing facilities will be owned and operated by local women and will meet export market specifications. Bio security requirements will be accredited on shore and distribution channels optimised to maximise margins for producers.

A broad range of organisations committed to supporting Pacific economic development through agro-exporting are engaged as potential stakeholders including Business Mentors New Zealand, Oxfam and government advisors along with agricultural, construction, distribution, banking and finance interests.

Plans are for a pilot in 2012 in the Kingdom of Tonga with a phase 2 deployment planned for Samoa.

A more detailed Project Overview and Project Scope is available on request