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Auckland Libraries rapt about Geek Camps

Date: February 12, 2015

“Once upon a time, geeks were made fun of, but now they rule the world with the creation of apps, software, entertainment, communication and a lot more. Geeks are in short supply and countries that invest in geeks have high standards of living. Perhaps the Greeks need more geeks!

To help develop more geeks right here, Auckland Libraries recently partnered with Accelerating Auckland in its mission to help young tech superstars discover their digital dreams.

The collaboration was kicked off this summer at Accelerating Auckland’s Geek Camps - free teen holiday programmes held at the Manukau Civic Building, without a tent, toasted marshmallow or long drop in sight. Perhaps one of these young Aucklanders will have learned the skills and grown the confidence to take their idea global and change the world!”

– Darryl Soljan, Manager Customer Experience - North & West Libraries

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